Our Elite expertise at Philadelphia Business Services in order fulfillment will ensure that your products are to market fast and efficient with the most consistent levels of fulfillment precision. We support shipments direct to consumers, businesses and retail.  Our clients may benefit by outsourcing an internal operation, or seeking to change fulfillment companies to reduce costs, increase capacity or improve operations.



  • Pick, Pack and Ship Fulfillment
  • e-Commerce Fulfillment
  • Business to Business Fulfillment
  • Literature and Book Fulfillment
  • Retail and Wholesale Distribution
  • Retail Package Drop Shipping
  • Continuity and Subscription Fulfillment
  • Returns Processing and Reverse Logistics
  • Common Carrier Management
  • International Parcel Shipping
  • International Freight Brokerage
  • Amazon and Online Retailer Drop Shipping


  • Kit Product and Assembly Services
  • Lot and Expiration Tracking (FIFO, FEFO)
  • Serial Number Tracking and Reporting
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Variable Data and Image Print on Demand
  • Bar Coding and Labeling
  • Certified HazMat Fulfillment
  • Secure Processing Areas
  • Retail Point of Purchase Assembly
  • Personalized Documents and Letters


In Today’s world, outsourcing has become the standard, rather than an exception. Some customers come to us to outsource an internal operation, while others are looking to expand or revamp their operations.  Whatever the reason may be, you can rest assured Philadelphia Business Services can handle all aspects of your supply chain and improve the flow of goods, streamline processes and help your company achieve its goals.


We first begin by understanding your needs and developing a fulfillment model around your business.  We start the conversation by asking a few key questions, including:

  • How many orders are you shipping daily, weekly or annually?
  • Do you need same day or next day shipping?
  • Are we shipping to consumers, businesses or the channel?
  • How about multi-channel?
  • When does your business peak and how can we best support those needs, even during the height of the busy season?
  • What customized processes support your shipping model to meet your business needs?

Our customers’ sales channels range from e-Commerce to B2B, to retail/channel distribution.  Each channel requires a degree of customization combined with flexible capabilities to be successful.  Avoid fulfillment companies that want to put you into a “cookie cutter situation” which limits transparency of services or your ability to be nimble in the marketplace. We employ client-specific business rules to optimize results while maintaining an automated environment.

This makes your fulfillment efficient, predictable and accurate which ultimately supports sustainable scalability. It also allows our Fulfillment Team Leaders and Account Management to support higher level issues that require “human attention.”


Philadelphia Business Services has DFC’s (Dedicated Fulfillment Centers) within our facilities for your program. We employ dedicated and/or shared staff to manage your program daily to create scalability and redundancy. They get know your products and work with them day in and day out.

We house your inventory in “virtual warehouses” that segregate stock between customers, including their forward pick areas and bulk inventory. All transactions against your inventory – whether moving from location to location or in and out of the building – are accounted for in this system and displayed online. In conjunction, we provide batch updates or real time API integration to balance inventory between your system and ours.


It’s no longer just enough to pick the right carrier at the time of shipping – you need to go deeper.  Philadelphia Business Services employs automated logic in order to optimize your shipments based upon the shipment characteristics including weight, zone, delivery date and package size.  Our systems will determine the optimal ship method based on these characteristics in order to maximize the freight savings while meeting delivery needs.  In addition to logic-based decision making, we offer highly discounted FedEx and UPS rates to clients based on our leveraged volume shipping.


The heart of Philadelphia Business Services lies in two of the most critical areas – our people and our systems.  Good companies in any industry live and die on the people who are dedicated to their mission.  Philadelphia Business Services has low employee turnover which shows in the high average tenure of our team members.  These great people, however, rely on precise systems to make them efficient and effective in achieving the customer’s mission.

Philadelphia Business Services employs a robust and flexible system that enables management of the fulfillment process from end-to-end.  It also includes production and shop floor capabilities to handle product assembly,  labeling, shrink-wrapping and customized inspections/reworks.  The capture and display of all this information happens seamlessly through a customized, real time web interface which clients can access 24/7.


We pride ourselves in ensuring orders are precise at all levels and understand the importance of your customer’s satisfaction. Clients report our shipping accuracy levels back to us and we consistently exceed a 99.8% accuracy rate down to the component level.  While this is a high rate of accuracy, our goal is continued process improvement to reach 100% accuracy.

To attain these levels we employ industry best practices across all our underlying processes. The supply chain requires effective management of the end-to-end process in order to be successful.  This includes advanced notification of inbound receipts, receiving and put away, inventory allocation, stock replenishment, pick/pack and shipping.  If goods are not tracked all the way through the process the supply chain can quickly be broken.


Flexible real-time reporting and the availability to collect data and analyze it quickly are critical to the ongoing decisions that need to be made for your business.  Philadelphia Business Services brings up to the minute, web-based reporting as well as automated reporting that’s integrated directly into your systems.  Some clients elect to receive daily updates, while others need real-time information to create a perpetual inventory across systems.

Contact us today to find out how we can make a positive impact on your product fulfillment.