At the core of Philadelphia Business Services’s industry leading order fulfillment services are proven warehousing and distribution capabilities that are delivered by our dedicated and experienced staff, and supported by our powerful enabling technology.


Inbound Receiving

An efficient supply chain begins with the timely, accurate receipt and inspection of inbound materials. We coordinate with our customers through the use of an ASN process so that receiving staff is ready for the incoming package, LTL or container shipment.  Our trained warehouse professionals manage the inbound receipt of client materials and adjusting inventory records on a real time basis.  We also employ RF technology to manage movement and location of goods.  Higher level inspections services such as detailed quality reviews and weigh counting of materials is normal for our staff to provide.

Warehouse Management

Philadelphia Business Services offers thousands of square feet of warehouse space with the ability to handle in excess of 5,000 pallet positions. Products are stored in bulk pallet locations, forward pick area shelves or in a secure environment for high value goods.  Our warehouse management systems manage the locations of the goods for real time reporting of inventory levels and movement of product.

Inventory Control

Philadelphia Business Services’s automated systems facilitate accountability for movement of all inventoried items throughout the entire warehousing, production and fulfillment cycle.  We also provide serial number, lot and expiration date tracking of products. Bar coding technology helps to insure data integrity of all inventoried items and accuracy during the fulfillment process.

Shipping and Distribution

Philadelphia Business Services also provides fully integrated freight management consultation to help you make the best decisions about your shipments. Our shipping departments employ multiple manifest stations that are linked to all major carriers including UPS, FedEx, DHL, the USPS.  We have partnerships with specialized trucking companies, package consolidators and couriers. Business rules in the automated processes can make real time decisions and rate shop orders based on size, weight and destination attributes.

Security and Redundancy

Philadelphia Business Services employs security cameras and access controls through our facilities.  Each client is allocated specific warehousing locations, forward pick areas and in secure environments access is restricted to key employees. We have Hazmat certified staff using best practice guidelines, while maintaining compliance with federal regulations to manage hazardous materials movement, storage and shipping.

To ensure continuity in your fulfillment operations during the time of unplanned weather events we provide a detailed disaster recovery plan (DRP).

Complete access to inventory information is availableenabling real time visibility and reporting anytime, anywhere.