Return/Reverse Logistics



Philadelphia Business Services offers sophisticated reverse supply chain services.  We process returns direct from consumers and retail channel partners by establishing a set of customized rules for the disposition of products. Whether these assets are returned to stock as usable components, recycled, discarded, or returned to the original manufacturer for refurbishment, Philadelphia Business Services offers detailed reporting on the status of all items so clients can make informed decisions. Maximizing this part of the product life cycle is as important as the original production itself.


  • Product inspection and breakdown for inventory reallocation or disposal
  • Automatic reshipment of new product or immediate reporting for credit authorization
  • Electronic returns data file confirmations

Returns are promptly handled through the use of our Returned Material Authorization (RMA) module. As product orders are returned to Philadelphia Business Services, they are automatically received into our system as returned product, quarantined in our Materials Review Board (MRB) and managed immediately or periodically based on the requirements of the program.

Complete access to your inventory, shipping and returns information is provided through eLink, enabling real time visibility and reporting anytime, anywhere.