Order Processing



Philadelphia Business Services integrates EDI order processing for customers shipping into the retail channel.  We can integrate an end to end automated solution directly with trading partners; or perform order processing through a 3rd party system or a retailer partners EDI portal.  We generate UCC128 labels, implement retailer routing guides and manage deliveries within prescribed ship windows.

Our in-house EDI support team has proven experience  to ensure that we meet all specific requirements of your retail partners.

EDI Transactions:

  • EDI 850 is a Purchase Order transaction set, used to place an order for goods or services. The 850 generally provides the same information you would find in a paper Purchase Order (PO) document, including: Item, prices, qty ordered; Shipping details; Payment terms; Discounts
  • EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement – to confirm receipt of the EDI 850
  • EDI 810 Invoice – to replace the traditional paper-based invoice
  • EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice – to describe the contents of each shipment and how items were packed.
  • EDI 855 Order Acknowledgement – sent in response to the EDI 850 to confirm you can meet the requirements set in the purchase order
  • EDI 860 Order Change Request – sent to request an update to the details on the original purchase order